The Breast Blog: Physical Activity and Health Benefits

Two articles came across my desk...desktop....this morning that further link the power of physical activity as a preventative measure for a slew of health issues, including estrogen based breast cancer.

The first article also adds context to the negative effects perpetual poverty has on women's health and choices. If you are a woman of means...any means....rather than judge a woman for her situation, please consider helping her out.

Taking Action: Mobilizing Communities to Provide Recreation for Women on Low Incomes

The second article speaks to a more comprehensive approach to placing value on fitness. I've included the first paragraph in this post.

The Health Benefits of Physical Activity for Girls and Women

Research has clearly demonstrated many positive health benefits of regular physical activity. However, research in this area has tended to emphasize the importance of physical activity from a sport, exercise and recreation perspective and has not fully explored the implications of physical activity for disease prevention, management and rehabilitation. These gaps are particularly relevant in understanding girls' and women's physical activity.

I'm going to practice what I preach and go for a walk.

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