The Breast Blog: Happy Earth Day

On my calendar, that would be the one that I toil away making, I dedicated April as Earth Month. In my liberal leaning mind, mother earth needs more than one day of our undivided attention if we want our kids to have a healthy future. We our very bad at keeping our collective nest clean. And we are very good at playing dumb.

I know, not the cheerful posting you were hoping for.

So, how's this.

Speaking of nests. My backyard is a thriving Build-All for birds right now. I've dedicated my tiny spot of earth as a Carolinian Forest, formerly found in these parts. There is no grass. Instead, I have wood chip paths running between Tulip Trees and flowers. And because my yard is uncultivated, there is an abundance of raw materials for ambitious birds to use for nest building.

I have this wild perennial fake sunflower patch that eventually towers over 6 feet tall. Every year, they get too big for their own good and end up flopping down on some shorter growth. As a form of intervention, (which I seldom do but for some reason can't let this situation play itself out) I tie back the culprits. And for some other reason that does not make gardening sense, I use ribbon.

Right now, I have an 8 foot length of blue satin ribbon, loosely tied to the dead stalks. And it, the ribbon, is driving a bunch of birds absolutely mental. They spend hours trying to grab this obviously much coveted prize. Tugging, twisting, staring, pecking....I swear.....or maybe they swear.....I see them put their wing tips on their bird hips and exhale loudly.

Eventually, one of them will be successful. And no doubt end up with the Martha Stewart Award for hip, cool nest of the year. Bird mate adoring and twilling. And maybe even a little romp in the ribbon so to speak.

Happy Earth Day. Give mom Earth some loving kindness.

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