The Breast Blog: Toiling in the WEB Mines

Despite my natural ability to be technologically dysfunctional, I write websites for a source of income. Write, as in string the words together into sentences on a subject matter that I'm interested in, not code or make live or manage links and other things that my tec crew does that I don't even know the words for.

Last night, I wrestled with my new iBook for two hours. Finally, I called my friend Rob. Here was my question. "I am trying to get on line, using dial-up, from my home phone line." (So far so good Sue. Excellent use of the proper language.) "There's this little thingy like a box that my phone line plugs into, then the little boxy thing plugs into the wall jack." (Within two sentences, I'm over my head and feeling stupid.) Rob say's, "A filter"? (He's so patient with me.) "Yah, a boxy thing." (Even when supplied with the proper word, my grasp is poor.) "So do I plug my dial up cable into the boxy thing or straight into the wall jack."?

How painful.

So this website writing thing that I do is nothing short of a miracle to me. And my point in telling you this is that my newest site is up and running. Yoga Insight is a consumer guide to yoga gear from an average person's perspective. By average I mean, many levels of ability, various ages and body types. Not just the pretzel bodies of the very young.

Yoga is one of the best things I do for myself. One of my instructors claims that it helps us fall in love with our bodies. This is certainly true for me. I'm always so pleased with how I feel when I finish my practice. Like a daily tune up for my spine and mind.

Menopause Insight (so many insights, so little time) It's so very strange to have a period for 35 years, every month then poof, it's gone. I've looked everywhere. Not a trace. (Apparently, it will show up as a collection of tissue and come to rest on my hips, thereby turning me into a pear shape. Can't wait. I love fruit.)

I'm fascinated by the number of letters I get from women who are burning up, going mad, climbing the walls. We're (not me) will be setting up a blog on this site in the near future that will act as a form of Mailbag. I'm hoping to encourage information sharing between women that reflects the truth about menopause. It's not a disease. And support and guidance from older, more experienced women. Menopause is universal.

And of course there's this site that I'm the wordsmith for.

I wanted to do a dog site. From a dogs perspective. Given I speak fluent dog. But so far, my crew isn't biting. Before my dog died, I was sure, that when I wasn't home, my dog surfed. And she had plenty of insights.

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