The Breast Blog: Let's Play.... Toss the Breast Implant

I never know, nor could I possibly anticipate some of the breast news that I hear about. From my perch, we live in a weird, breast obsessed world that sometimes makes me laugh, but mostly scares the daylights out of me. The following two stories cover both ends of my reaction. Notice where your thoughts go.

This from E! Online.

Play the Game Where Rising Stars Catch Falling Breast Implants

What does an aspiring actress-model need to make it in Hollywood?

Charm? Check. Talent? Right. Beauty? Sure....But what else?

C'mon, just say it: Breast implants.

Now, because you asked for it--you did, right?--we offer you a game where you can live out a fantasy Beverly Hills life. In Ka-Boob!, you are an aspiring actress in search of a larger, more fame-friendly bosom. The game features a wacky--and totally fictional, folks--plastic surgeon who enjoys tossing breast implants down upon wannabe actresses looking to increase their, um, exposure in neighboring Hollywood.

End of excerpt.

What fun!!!(Said with entire tongue in cheek.) I bet the audience is rolling in the aisles as the wait....girls.....scramble to catch the proverbial bouquet of bliss....Do we, human beings that is, really think this is a good thing for our daughters, granddaughters to aspire too? Is this really our higher calling, our own greatest potential as people?

More implant news is taking ink and filling the air waves . This excerpt from the New York Times on April 14th.

F.D.A. Panel Backs Breast Implants From One Maker


AITHERSBURG, Md., - Silicone breast implants made by a California company should be available to women who undergo cosmetic breast surgery, a federal advisory panel voted on Wednesday, rejecting arguments about serious health problems.

The panel chairman called the 7-to-2 vote to approve an application by the company, the Mentor Corporation, unexpected.

On Tuesday, the panel voted, 5 to 4, to reject a similar application from the Inamed Corporation.

Before the vote on Wednesday, Mentor was widely seen as having the weaker of the two applications because it had followed patients in its principal breast-implant study for a year less than Inamed.

Most panel members said they were comfortable with the long-term safety of Mentor devices, and most dismissed concerns that ruptured implants caused the kind of serious diseases that some women's groups have listed.

End of excerpt.

But wait, further down in the story we find a brief mention, about the unnamed women who have had implants. "Dozens of women said implants had sickened them severely, and some gave gruesome testimony about silicone from ruptured implants squeezing out of their eyes and ears."

"Dozens of other women pronounced silicone implants a safe boost to their self-esteem."

Who yah gonna believe? Companies that are lobbying for a slice of a multi-billion dollar, industry or women's groups that concern themselves with women's health.......women with silicone bleeding from their ears or gals with more confidence thanks to their expanded bust line.

Me wonders.

And here I though high self esteem came from loving yourself.

P.S. Ah shucks...thanks for the welcome back Angela and Chris.

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