The Breast Blog: Breasts, Men and Manners

My apologies for my absence. I crashed my blog....this posting seemed to be the culprit....was it something I said?

Katie, her two dogs Tully and Lou and I often do a pre-dinner walk on the IGNATIUS JESUIT CENTRE property just outside the city limits. The land, 640 acres, is mostly organic farm, but also includes wetlands, forest and babbling brook. We do a wide, farm track loop that takes about an hour if we're sauntering and the weather is cordial, which it was yesterday.

Besides exercising the hounds and ourselves, we talk...about our day, our woes, our glories or burning questions that wake us up at night. Katie has just turned 50 and is an extremely creative soul...grade five teacher...(lucky, lucky children)....and is carefully wandering back into the dating scene. I am observing from a distance. Both of us are child-free.

In the far back soya bean fields, our topic turned to breasts....thanks to my line of work and the fact that Katie is both a model and proofer of the calendar project. I told her about the feedback I'd gotten from a man on one of my blog postings and asked her what, besides respect, would she advise men to consider, when faced with women and their breasts. Her response went something like this.

"We are a civilized society. So manners would be a good start."

How true. The gentlemen in my life stand out like shining stars and I love being in their company.

PS: I did a stupid thing with the skin on my blog the other day...over zealous with the new the duh factor. Anyway, my GoogleMAN Ryan will be toiling away trying to replace the missing links and feeds over the next few days. If you stop by, please bear with us.

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