The Breast Blog: Men and Breasts

I got a posting on my blog entry Pool Nipples from a Aussie man named Chris. Finally. How refreshing to have inspired some dialogue about breasts that reaches beyond the ga ga, lower brain dribble I delete on a regular basis.

On one of his Soul Stories postings, Chris claims, " I am on a journey to find a world where we all, both men and women, have a "freedom to admire breasts". Maybe not quite as freely as to be equally able to say "You have lovely breasts" as to say "You have beautiful eyes", but almost."

I know that men and women think very differently. This may sound like a stupid thing to write. Yet, so many women that I know seem to overlook this reality and carry on as though it was not true. For me, knowing that men will drive around the block to catch a second look (as Chris admits to) is good information. I don't waste my time being naive, wondering what is going on. It's clear. They liked what they saw the first time and they want to see it again.

My question is, can the looking be done with respect? Or,how can the looking be done with respect?

I have many attractive men in my life. Male friends, neighbours, colleagues....gas station attendants, furnace men, roofers....from multiple decades and I always notice their physical attractiveness.

I even respond to their attractiveness. I smile. When appropriate, pay compliments. Even flirt gently. But I don't think I've ever taken my response to a level that leaves them feeling uncomfortable, awkward or unsafe. And, if I sense a hint of discomfort or confusion, I stop immediately and apologize for my behaviour.

I may not have driven around the block for a second look, but I have gone around the grocery aisle one more time. And my head has turned when I go through construction sites filled with half dressed men. But I don't honk. And I don't whistle. And I don't grab my crotch and moan.

I smile. And keep driving.

Works for me.

Posted by thebreastsiteadmin on May 31,2005 at 11:27 AM
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