The Breast Blog: Nipple Season

I must have been doing one of those 'free association' thinking things on my way home from the bank. Gardens along my route were bursting with crocus and for some reason, nipples popped into my mind. I don't think it's a direct correlation to shape, size or colour. Rather, the nature of the crocus seemed nipple like. Perky. Fragile yet able to stand up and be noticed. Eye catching.

Note to self: Five year's of publishing a breast calendar is manifesting itself in the most extraordinary ways. Don't forget this unique quality about yourself Sue. End note.

No doubt, now that our frozen north is heating up and new life is bursting forth in sassy displays, and perhaps, because I am a woman who has a few year's of experience under my belt, I know that spring brings a more relaxed and carefree dress code. I've noticed that the women of Guelph, particularly the downtown arty types, have a colourful, whimsical style that reveals hints of flesh in a flowing, easy way. Human art really. Quite delightful and celebratory.

And with this daily fashion parade, women's nipples will be trumpeting (or maybe drumming) their own sweet song. And men?? How will they respond to the seasonal change of tune?

May they respond with respect. The same respect I offer men when they walk past me, top free, chest bare and nipples boldly directing their way.

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