The Breast Blog: Abortion, Breast Cancer and the Power of the Pen.

My Abortion and Breast Cancer posting regarding Heather Mallick's column (from the Globe and Mail and got an update this week.

Heather reports: "Last week's column reported on the Bank of Montreal Mosaik MasterCard's affinity card with an anti-abortionist group that claims — wrongly — that abortions lead to breast cancer.

Outraged readers sent a blast of protests to BMO and me, saying they, their families and friends are closing their BMO accounts and cutting up their Mosaik MasterCards. When I added up the numbers, it became clear that public anger had cost the bank much cash and much goodwill. On Thursday, the bank said it will not renew its contract with LifeCanada when it ends in July, 2006. "BMO does not want to be involved in a controversy over what so many consider to be personal and private decisions," it said. I applaud its phrasing. I also want Canadians to see the vast power they wield as individuals. It's heartening in Bushworld.

Incidentally, Lifebank Cryogenics of Burnaby, B.C., listed without authorization on the LifeCanada anti-abortion website, wishes it to be known that it is not a member of LifeCanada and has no affiliation with it whatsoever. I apologize for having given the nice people at Cryogenics a difficult week."

Read the entire column at

The Power of The Pen does leave me with such satisfaction.

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Your article is great.
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