The Breast Blog: It is beyond belief.....

According to a media release from Breast Cancer Action, "Senator Carole Migden (D-San Francisco) and Assemblywoman Judy Chu (D-Monterey Park) announced their plans to champion strong new public health and worker protections from dangerous chemicals in cosmetics."

If you're interested, my shampoo blog entry gets into the dangerous chemicals in cosmetics dirty details.

"Senate Bill 484, authored by Migden, would require cosmetics manufacturers to report the use of harmful chemicals in their products to the state. Assembly Bill 908, authored by Chu, would prohibit the use of two common ingredients called phthalates which are linked to asthma, birth defects and cancer."

No doubt the cosmetic company lobby groups are gearing up as I type. This will be a kick to their bottom lines. And I'm sure that these Bills will poke and crawl their way through the layers of blood red tape. But at the very least, women that never considered the possibility that every morning, when they apply their makeup, they may be applying known carcinogens....since forever.... can make a different buying decision, RIGHT NOW. Like buying organic products. Like the line my neighbour Aimee makes at her home based company Sacred Circle Herbs.

Farther into the release, comes this 'incredulous' reaction to the unregulated cosmetic and beauty aid industry by Senator Carole Migden.

(I love incredulous reactions. The indignation...the exasperation....the mouth gapping open, fire in the eyes....what a beautiful, pure human response.)

"It is beyond belief that a consumer is not told whether he or she is putting carcinogens on their skin, in their hair, or on their face," said Migden.  "My district has the highest breast cancer rates in the state, and certain ingredients in products such as shampoos, body lotions, and nail polishes may be linked to the disease. Moreover, the health of beauty care workers could be at tremendous risk due to their increased exposure. The make-up woman at Nordstrom's probably doesn't know that she is working with carcinogens every day. This legislation simply aims to inform the public to a potential health hazard." 

Someone, send the woman some flowers.

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Your article is great.
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