The Breast Blog: Silicone Breast Implants

Breast implants are in the news again...or is that still? Apparently, silicone implants, banned 10 year's ago, are being reconsidered by the FDA for possible reentry onto the market place. Supposedly the manufactures have made some improvement. Seems silicone implants were prone to ruptures.

I don't have implants. Nor will I ever. I have no interest in exposing myself to the risks of surgery for any reason besides for the purpose of saving my life. However, in our "BIG BREAST" crazed world, I am fast becoming a minority.

The Office of Continuing Medical Education, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine MedPage Today site ran a story about the pending review today. I found the following two paragraphs revealing.

"In the trial, 551 women received implants for augmentation, 251 for reconstruction, and 205 were included because they had revisions of a previous implant. The agency noted that so far 15% of the 551 augmentation patients had already had a revision at the three-year point, for various reasons that included rupture. "

"The agency paid particularly close attention to rupture rates. When a device ruptures, often the patient and the physician do not know. The gel leaks and may migrate into the breast area, the lymph nodes, or other locations. The health consequences of this gel leakage are still not clear, said the agency. "

Another news story reported "Plastic surgeons, for whom breast implants are a highly lucrative source of income, are unhappy about the advice (that silicone breast implants may rupture.)

How odd. Yah would think that they would be very concerned.

Does silicone gel leakage from a rupture breast implant, IN YOUR BODYsound like a healthy idea to you?

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