The Breast Blog: NSFW? No worries.

The Straight Dope, Fighting Ignorance Since 1973 (It's taking longer than we thought) had a message board going called Bell Sympatico and the Worst Ad Ever.

One of my blog postings got this mention by kung fu lola. " This website has info on what number to call to complain. Possibly NSFW, no images, but the word "breast"."

Being a relative newbie to blogging and on-line-communities in general, (soon to change when I get my new current computer is one of the original iMac's circa 1998....very nervous in chat rooms....shyly freezes up in seconds, I had no idea what NSFW meant.

Not Suitable For Work (sounds like me...I have long claimed myself to be unemployable) is difficult for me to comment on given that what I've just jested in brackets is true. I am my own employer. I made my own job. And in my office, THE BREAST SITE and every word within it's cyber space land is VERY SUITABLE FOR WORK. It is my work.

Of course if you're suppose to be WORKING and breast health and various subtitles do not fit under your job's topic of focus then I can understand a warning along the line of Suitable for Coffeebreak. Or even better Very Suitable for Life.

Rest assured that even though we've barely met, you can trust me to offer up pertinent, thought provoking and different perspectives on breast health. I'm not a pornographer. I'm a woman who didn't like the narrow, limited information that I was seeing and hearing in the mainstream and decided to navigate my own waterway. I'm a wilderness canoeist. Really, I am.

So if your boss gives you grief over your visit to my blog/site, tell them to email me and I'll give them the skinny on why your visit will be well worth your while. And no doubt your companies. Especially if I am able to inspire you to be more breast health active.

Posted by thebreastsiteadmin on August 12,2005 at 8:26 PM
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