The Breast Blog: How To Become Your Very Own Breast Health Ambassador: Chapter Three/Belief Systems and Permission

A belief system is constructed, much like a house, for you to live with. You can design and build your own (house/beliefs) that works for you or buy/adopt a mass produced version that you learn to live with.

Between attending multiple dance performances, I spent my weekend sitting by my fireplace, reading. The weather outside was frightful...snow, wind, wind, snow in true Canadian dramatic April style. I felt badly for the few brave (or perhaps foolhardy) tulips that had been seduced by the balmy March days. I warned them all. Recommended they keep their heads down until much later in the season. But, who am I to tell a tulip what to do with it's life. They believed spring had sprung. I believed something different.

I love reading books that resonate for me. I get excited, say things outloud to the pages as though I'm talking to the authors, find it difficult to do other tasks that are not book friendly. I simply want to read and read and read to the exclusion of everything else.

Such was the case this weekend. In the chapter Challenging the Codes from the book, The Cultural Creatives, (Three Rivers Press) the following passage stood up, spoke loudly and stuck to me like glue.

"When activists reframe a significant cultural context, they're like the child who shouts that the emperor is wearing no clothes. They expose a whole belief system for what it is - a belief system, not the natural order of things, not reality. Pretty soon, everyone who is paying attention figures out that some group of people has constructed this belief system. Soon a question arises: Who's benefiting from keeping this view of reality in place? Then people who never before doubted the status quo, who took it as God-given and utterly legitimate, start to ask their own questions. They notice that they have been wearing distorting eyeglasses. Once they do so, they can choose to take them off and see reality in a new way. They can change their mind, their perspective and their understanding about themselves. They also become free to take action in ways that they never considered before."

Does the belief system you currently hold work to help you reach your highest potential as a human being? Does it open doors? Does it stimulate your imagination? Does it give you permission to live a quality life and ask questions? Does it allow you to love yourself as you currently are? Or does it sheppard you along from the box of work to the box of home with rigid control?

Does your belief system listen to or stifle your gut feelings?

Does it tell you there is nothing you can do to make the world better and that big brother is looking out for you?

If so, your belief system is lying to you.

Remember to do a Breast Self Examination this month. Love your breasts. Love your body.

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