The Breast Blog: Using Your Imagination

My five year old Great-nephew, Matthew wears orange and likes to collect treasures; rocks and sticks. I wear orange and have been collecting rocks and sticks all my life. Yesterday, the two of us walked down the road where his gramma and grandpa live, (my brother and sister-in-law) and collected together for the first time. Matthew brought his wheelbarrel along to help carry the bounty.

As young child, I walked this same stretch of road with my wagon and Auntie Midge, collecting rocks and sticks. We would haul large stones back to her tiny cottage then paint the smooth ones orange and red. To this day, Aunt Midge's gardens are more rocks than flowers.

During my visit to this road that used to bear my sir name, I had tea and lunch, in that same rock piled cottage, with my terminally ill, 75 year old aunt. And as usual, we fondly remininsed about our treasure hunting adventures decades earlier.

How fortunate for me that over forty year's later, I got to enjoy the same adventuring with my bright eyed, intensely interested great-nephew.

Instantly, upon stepping outside, Matthew and I engaged our imagination. Leaves and seed pods looked like bunny ears. Sparkly rocks were gems. Birchbark had invisible messages written on it. I told my short, freckly kindred spirit that I though he might be my twin brother. He looked up at me and grinned, nodding in agreement.

When we came to the large hunk of dog poo on the road beside the really nice stick, we pondered our options and decided that it was too risky to retrieve. Matthew suggested that the poo was guarding the prize stick. And neither of us wanted to fight off old angry dog poo. We carried on, back to grampa and gramma's, content and connected.

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