The Breast Blog: Run, Walk, Roll (and Wag) For Cancer Prevention

Seven seasoned organizers showed up for the second meeting of the proposed new fund raising event for Guelph. All in good spirits. All able to share a laugh. This is a very good start.

I learned: someone typically dies during a race; a pace bunny is a person, in bunny ears, who helps you keep your pace if you run; it will be easier if we can piggy back with an existing event in town; people were keen to have the finish line be Sleeman's Brewery; 50 participants the first year will be plenty to handle.

I was the meeting's pace bunny and occasional space bunny; especially when the experienced running people started talking in their secret language. All sectors seem to have special words and pace bunny....sort of underground society like.

Are we at the start line or have we crossed? Not sure. Julia is sleuthing out the piggy backing options today. Then we'll see what comes. What is certain is that the message we're hoping to spread....(breast and all other types) of Cancer Prevention is way underused and overdue.



When I got home, I added WAG to the event title. My lovely dog Stew died from cancer two year's ago. She was only 10.

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