The Breast Blog: Details of a Calendar Girl

I've been writing the final bits and pieces of the 2006 Breast of Canada Calendar this week. Details, lots of niggly details to work out.

When I set up at a public trade show and staff my booth, I watch people's shopping habits. Even though I place a couple of open calendars on the table, inevitably, people pick up a sealed copy and look at the back cover.

So the back cover is key real estate. I must prepare it with the utmost care in order to encourage the purchase with out misrepresenting the product. BoC is funny, educational, serious, smart, creative, real and innovative with a dusting of controversy to boot. Quite a mitt full of ideals to convey.

This is my attempt at the back cover so far.

Definitely Guaranteed to Inspire Conversation

Here at Breast of Canada Headquarters, we hold the liberating belief that 'normal is beautiful'. To prove our point, we made this creative and cleverly crafted calendar, with fine art photos of 'breasts in their natural environment'. All you have to do is buy one, put it on your wall and live with it for a year. We are confident your sense of breast health will evolve with each passing season.

Independently published by a talented team of breast friends from across Canada, this grassroots, educational calendar will inspire you to be breast confident and breast health informed.

We dedicate our 5th Annual Breast of Canada Calendar to Gabi and Hana.

Published in Guelph, the birthplace of topfree Ontario.

BoC is honored to be partnered with the Canadian Breast Cancer Network -

Feedback welcome.

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