The Breast Blog: Flashbacks and Playbacks

So here's the thing.

I'm having a flashback

I have been listening to my Carole King Tapestry ALBUM....round, flat, black, hole in the middle.... on my RECORD PLAYER....or rather STEREO CONSOLE, previously owned by my friend Ian's parents Jeanne and Norman. A large, classic hunk of furniture that grace's my dining room and by it's nature, requires DUSTING.

I was 12 when I got the album for Christmas. I played it on my scrappy little record player none stop. Sang along with gusto. Knew all the words. Still know ALL the words. Thirty five year's later. Funny. I've just gone downstairs twice in the last 10 minutes for the same thing and both times I had no idea what that thing was when I got there. Still don't. But heck, "Way Over Yonder" is crystal clear.

Ahhhh yes, the nursing home that wins me will be lucky, lucky, lucky.

Carole is good medicine. I'm sending her three Breast of Canada Calendars for her and her daughters.

But wait, there's more flashing back...thanks to this email.

Red Flower: Rethinking Menstruation by Dena Taylor is being reprinted.

And coincidentally, I found my ragged "You're Becoming a Young Woman Now" booklet last night as I rooted through my mother's cedar chest. Red Flower sounds much more direct and likely helpful, unlike the fairy tale I was offered about, 'my special time'. Tillie Olsen is excited, whoever Tilly is. Her endorsement came with the email. "At last there is this book! I didn't have it. I didn't have it for my daughters. But now there is a book I can give to my granddaughters. Rich with insight, information, affirmation, poetry--what a help, what a freeing, what a delight this book is!" Tillie Olsen

Playback time. Like a flashback but more current. A chance to rewind a hunk of life's endless tape and check for wisdom or it's evil twin, idiotism.

As reported in today's Globe and Mail, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), Tanning Salons are risky. Apparently, people who use tanning beds and salons increase their chances of developing melanoma by 25%. WHO recommends a ban for anyone under 18.

My brother has melanoma. It's not nice.

But the director of the Indoor Tanning Association counters with this insight. "Young people like to tan, they like to be out in the sun - that's a fact of life. If you take away the chance for indoor tanning, you will push them to be out into the sun more often."

I'll add that the tanning salon industry has yearly revenues exceeding $5-billion (US).

So, young people may like to tan but I bet you a buck they don't want melanoma.

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