The Breast Blog: We need each other.


fell down on the highway,

in front of us,

or rather in front of the car.

We had time to stop.


panicked; could not get up.

Katie blocked traffic on the busy, main artery.

I quickly react, assist.

"It's okay," I assure calmly. "I will help you."

I kneel on the highway and offer my body for support.

This man, his snappy suit soiled, fedora fallen, with graying temples accepts,

puts his weight on my knee and pushes himself up.

Standing, and bleeding, he dabs his mouth with his hanky.

He's shaken, and yet refuses a ride. And water.

I ask him to breath deeply. He looks at me.

I smile and breath.

He relaxes. Breaths. Then surrenders to my offers.

In the car, Katie reassures him, smiles and gets directions.

We drive Gary home.

Gary tells us he cares for his two disabled, aged parents.

Gary too is on physical disability.

It's the second time he's fallen this winter.

At home, I drink too much wine with dinner.

I wake, at 3am, head knocking and wonder about Gary and his parents.

And all the people who drove by the man and woman on the highway.

We need each other.

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