The Breast Blog: Did you hear the one about?

Q: What kind of bee's make milk? (you'll have to keep reading for the A of the Q)

Biggest buzz of the day so neighbour, friend, calendar designer and excellent cartoonist, Gareth Lind got his WHAM BAM THANK YOU MADAM, letter to the Ed published in today's Globe and Mail. He took a swipe at Margaret Wente's notion that global warming is a myth.

Right Margaret. (dripping with sarcasm)

I'm getting Gareth's autograph tonight.

Best news of the far...meeting number two for Run, Walk, Roll for Cancer Prevention is booked for next Wednesday at Cafe Aquarius. Julia, Anne and I will be meeting with Head Run Honcho Liz Armstrong. Our one and only question: What next?

Nicest comment about my"My attitude about women's bodies matured thanks to your presentation and documentary." This from a young man who attended my U of Goo Wellness Centre gig last week. Apparently, the entire group felt liberated. Geez Louise.

Coolest new thing that happens on Wednesday's at Sue's: Homefield Organics delivers (I Love that word) a cooler full of organic fruits and vegetables to my door. To my door!!! For $27.00. Canadian. I eat healthy and support organic. Win,win.

A of Q: Boobees

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