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Today's Globe and Mail offers the following grease for your wheels.

Focus Section

Canada's Food Guide is getting updated. I believed CFG was as sacred as motherhood. Wrong oh Missy. Find out how industry and lobby groups influence what Health Canada recommends on our daily, healthy eating guide. All you chief cooks and bottle washers may feel the wool pulling on your eye lashes.

Heather Mallick weighs in on the Bell Sympatico's ad campaign (that I've been going on about) in her weekly column, AS IF. "If it (the drawing on the ad, taken from a grade five textbook of the female anatomy) were hand-drawn in green ink, I'd be putting steel shutters on the windows and buying a crossbow," claims Ms. Mallick. Heather, who is very funny, and 1/3 employed by said advertiser, also failed to see the humour in Bell's 'poking fun at overprotective parent' effort.

Motherhood's Second Coming touches on India's Tsunami victims who lost their children and now want to start new families. Trouble is, due to overpopulation, 3 million women from Tamil Nadu, the hardest hit region, have been sterilized through tubal ligation. (Me wonders why TL when we all know that a Vasectomy is much easier, less risky, and fairly easy to reverse. But then I read on...) Get this. Because prenatal gender screening is possible and widely used, some clinics report almost 95% of the babies born in the past 5 year's have been boys. Gee, wonder where this will lead?

That's two of the ten pages in the Focus Section. All smart stuff, well written and frightening on many levels.

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