The Breast Blog: How a Breast Ambassador Gets Comfortable with Her Breasts

I was a guest presenter at the U of Guelph, Wellness Centre's breast health awareness meeting yesterday afternoon. It's an annual gig for me and one that I enjoy immensely. A part of me still feels as young and fresh as the students that I'm talking too. When in fact, I am the same age as their mothers.

Aging (now there's a subject for a Blog) is so......surprising.

It's always interesting for me to notice myself get animated when I start talking about breast health. For me, it is so much more than BSE's or mammograms or thermography or wearing pink ribbons. Practicing integrated breast health is essentially being confident with yourself on all levels and living a rich, rewarding, healthy lifestyle. The more I lean into this work, the better I feel about myself and my body. The more energy I have to be animated about my profession, which for me is woven seamlessly into my life as a whole.

I do find my vocation to be over the top stimulating. I've made a very good gig for myself.

Anyway, I showed The Breast of Times video...yes the same video that I presented at my Friday night gig....This time, it DID stimulate a discussion.

One question stood out. What would I suggest that young women do to become more comfortable with their breasts and bodies?

I answered, "Stand in front of a mirror naked and really look at yourself."

Later in the evening, more answers started to come to me and I realized, perhaps again, I do re-realize things all the time, that getting comfortable with your breasts and body is a process that will continue for your life time and will require diligence and courage.

Here's the rub. Our society does not really want you to be who you uniquely are. Ideally, and for the sake of easy management and manipulation, our social structure prefers to herd people into a giant, status quo group. All the easier and better to sell you group identifying stuff my dear. And a huge part of that stuff is 'an image' for you to adopt.

You can go with the flow and buy into the life being supplied for you. Or, you can stand up to this push. Which means, you will be you. This BTW is your natural calling. And you will stand out, every step of the way.

And it doesn't mean you have to renounce consumerism. Instead, you will purchase or create what resonates for you from a deep, internal level of your being. And interesting, you will likely buy less stuff because what you do buy will have so much more meaning for you. You will become satisfied. Less becomes more.

I obviously chose the latter life course and without hesitation, I highly recommend this route to anyone who asks. Personally, I find it easier. Besides, the BOX they herd you into made me feel claustrophobic.

Here's a list of suggestions, beyond standing in front of a mirror, that I've worked into my repertoire and that help make my life's trip move, tickity boo along, Jim Dandy like.

  • Turn off your TV.
  • Read literature instead of fashion magazines.
  • Push your own envelope every other day.
  • Lay down on a big piece of paper and get someone to trace the outside of your body. Then decorate your image.
  • Dance.
  • Look at Art.
  • Make Art.
  • Do a body or breast cast.
  • Stop wearing a bra 50% of the time.
  • Accept compliments.
  • Study yoga.
  • Be as generous to yourself as you are to your best friend.
  • Learn to say "no thank you".
  • Smile.
  • Improve your posture, shoulders back, head up.
  • Use eye contact.
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