The Breast Blog: Art and Photo Exhibit and throwing up in Saskatchewan

I love saying the word Saskatchewan. The syllables make my mouth move like a child's elastic jumpsy rope.

Several year's ago, I attended a Performing Arts Conference in Battleford Saskatchewan...a town tucked up in the northern half of the province, above Saskatoon. Tamarack, the band I was working with at the time, was doing a showcase performance at the conference. We hoped to do a tour as a result of our efforts.

Driving back from Battleford to Saskatoon, we detoured over to the historical site of Batoche. Tamarack specialized in historical song writing, a form of oral history telling, so any historical research that could be done along the way was welcome.

For me, touring was a BIG adventure, due entirely to the fact that I rarely went touring with the band. My job involved sitting in my home office in Ontario, making phone calls to presenters and setting up gigs, tours, hotels and flights. Touring for the band, on the other hand, was times a slog. So it was fair to say that the four folk in the van were coming from different places, with different levels of enthusiasm and different expectations of outcome. Different being the operative word here....

It was lunchtime when we pulled into the Batoche parking lot. Apparently, Touring Rule Number 1 is, when ordering lunch on the road, order 'plain and simple'.

Easier said than done, for someone on an ADVENTURE.

The Daily Special: Buffalo Stew, did not fit into the definition, 'plain and simple'. Throwing caution to the wind, of which there was plenty...flat places lean in the very windy direction...I thought, "Heck, I'm on the Prairie's, 'where seldom is heard, a discouraging word.' When oh when would I ever get a chance to eat 'Home on the Range, Buffalo Stew' again?

I'm not sure why James, the band leader and our driver joined me in my culinary leap of faith, but he did and well...I guess sometimes rules need to be broken for lessons to be learned again.

Back on the road again, with me playing the 'road manager, on an EXCITING adventure, aren't we all having a whole lot of fun' role and the band members being their own quiet selves, I decided to introduce a car game called "Name My New Puppy". I was getting first pick of a litter of a very mixed breed's breeding, soon after returning from our trip.

The game started out easy enough. Alex suggested Saskatoon. Gwen though Batoche might be good. But then, James suddenly swerved the van to the shoulder, slammed on the brakes and said rather tersely, "I don't care what you call your damn dog. That Stew was terrible!" Then he leapt out of the van and puked on the shoulder of the road.

I called my lovely female Sheppard, Husky, Labrador, Collie, Actress mix Stew. Stew like food. All different stuff mixed together. Sue and Stew.

I got this email yesterday, from Saskatchewan.

Hello Sue,

I just wanted to let you know what we have been busy with in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. You inspired a group of ladies.

Thank you for your fundraising efforts. My name is Corla Rokochy and I am a photographer from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. We are having an exhibit of portraits of breast cancer survivors and those who have had family members with breast cancer. We are looking for words of inspiration to read during the evening to inspire all those in attendance. If you would be able to share a few words we would greatly appreciate that. We will be auctioning off bras and sharing an evening together.

Thank you for your time,

Corla Rokochy

Here is a link to the exhibit photographs.

One of my photographs appeared in the Breast of Canada calendar last year.

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