The Breast Blog: Bell Canada Pulls Offensive Ad

Let the Bells Ring and the Banners....damn....I never remember what the banners are suppose to do...Roll maybe??....whatever...banners, do what you're suppose to do.....and let me say with glee, "good news boys and girls! Phase one of the get the disturbing Bell Sympatico ad pulled effort has been successful." (italics seemed like the most gleeful form of typing I've clued into so far.)

Please pause and pat yourself on the back.

Okay,'s time for Phase Two, Operation: GREAT BIG APOLOGY!!, a feisty network of smart, no flies nowhere, folk have been helping to move Bell through the stages of recognizing their stupidity. They, Bell that is...thought the ad was funny. Hee, Hee. They were poking overprotective parents....poke, poke....parents who will go to any length to protect their children from inappropriate content on the Grade Five Health textbooks....those suckers can break your toe if they fall on your foot.

And here I was thinking pornography, pedifiles and stalkers would be a more suitable source of concern on the web. Geez, can you imagine the impact a huge corporate entity would have if they took a stand against a very real and growing danger in our collective world. How highly ETHICAL, RESPONSIBLE and MATURE that would be. And no doubt incredibly good for their corporate image, bottom line and company moral.

Silly me. I'm much too serious.

My very lovely, efficient, does a perfect job, Google News Alert presented me with this Rabble report this morning. Tell Bell: We're not satisfied yet.

Do tell them.


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