The Breast Blog: Being a Breast Health Ambassador Has Challenges

I try to use a fairly wide bandwidth in my thinking. I find the wider my viewpoint, the easier my life goes. I don't bump up against as many walls simply because I don't see the walls as problems.

Mostly this approach works in my favour. But it does set me apart. And sometimes, in order to have company; company that leans towards resisting the idea of abundance in life and prefers a limited, in-the-box stance, which is most people I know; I find myself binding my thoughts. Pulling in the reins. Thinking less.

Another words, I reduce myself down in size in order to spend time with another human in a cordial way rather than flow freely with my imagination.


The crux of my problem, if it is a problem, is that I believe everyone I know is grander, more talented, more beautiful, more interesting than they allow themselves to be. And I getting sick and tired of arguing that point.

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it. But it happens all the time. I mention to my friend with the stunning , throaty voice, who's partner plays guitar and who's friends have recording equipment that she could make a CD of her favourite tunes and that I'd buy ten. She laughs and tells me I'm crazy.

Or the other friend, who is a wonderful, funny writer and has worked with children for years, is wickedly creative and an avid reader. I suggest that she could write a wonderful children's book. She looks at me like I have ten heads.

Another friend tells me she measures out a minimal, daily ration of water.....water.... the source of life.... the stuff from the tap....fuel for the body....the only fluid that helps to keep everything working and clears toxins.....then she complains about her health.

I mention that for health purposes, eight cups of water, daily are recommended.

You'd think, by the negative reaction that pours forth, that I'm recommending an increase in alcohol intake rather than something healthy.

I look at these women and I see more. And, I see passion being suppressed. I see creativity being stifled. And I see a body being starved.

But God damn it, they see less and so less it will be.

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