The Breast Blog: Who Let The Blogs Out?

Biz Stone, author of "Who Let The Blogs Out? " makes staying awake reading, late into the night, easier than falling off a log. In fact, when I finally shut off the light, my mind raced on, creating Blogs for pretty much every aspect of my life. Seems I have caught the Blog Bug. Bless me.

The only difficulty I could see with managing multiple blogs was how I would actually 'live' my life in the manner I've grown accustom too. Which seems to be mostly outside. Unplugged, so to speak. A bit loose. Not in front of a computer.

Regardless, I'm digging the book. And it crossed my mind....mid traffic no less....that reading a book about Blogging might be a nerdy thing to do. In fact, the book seller at Guelph's ultra cool independent bookstore, The Bookshelf, tried to talk me out of the purchase. Imagine that! She...her name escapes a Blogger with a five year record under her belt. She said, "Write your blog. Read other blogs. That's all you have to do."

How could anything be that simple?

So, I bought the book anyway. And at only 70 pages in, my new friend Biz (who I think is very cute in a James Dean kinda way,) has helped me to see just how blog gone big, the blogoshere is.

I'm jazzed.

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