The Breast Blog: Grow Your Own Breast Implants

Now here's a great home business start-up idea. A grow operation for breast implants. I can see it now....different sized breasts sprouting up in....let's see....maybe the bathroom. Wouldn't have to be the basement closet or attic thanks to the legality of implants. You could grown in broad daylight with no fear of being busted.

I see a creepy guy in a trench coat, lurking around the parking lot of the local high school....psssssst hey buddy, wanna, buy a pair of double D's for your little chickie??????

No I didn't think this up myself. Okay I did think up the bathroom and creepy guy part. But the headline arrived in my inbox thanks to a Google News Alert.

Seriously folks, this could prove to be a very exciting development for women who want and need breast reconstruction surgery. But the science is still at the mouse stage of testing.

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