The Breast Blog: New York City and The Gates

Friends and colleagues Kevin and Devon (kinda has a ring to it don't yah think) are in NYC today, attending a conference. And likely recovering from Kevin's birthday, celebrated somewhere in the Big Apple, yesterday.

I have a fondness for any northerner with a February birthday, thanks to being born into this short but hated month myself. I have an instant respect for the survival instinct that must get built in at birth.

And February or not, there's nothing quite like enjoying your birthday in another country. (Kevin is a fine Canadian boy.) Doubly so when you add the throbbing heart beat , hip, internationally unique location of NYC. Then make it the closing weekend of a extraordinary, public art show called 'The Gates', staged in Central Park. An art show that has been in the making since before Kevin greeted his parents with his first breath, and you have the basic ingredient of a lasting memory. Dipped in saffron and a few jugs of American beer no doubt.

Kevin and I met almost two years ago because of The Breast Site. He, a computer whiz kid, freshly hired by an Internet company following his co-op placement. Me, a middle aged artist and the publisher of a breast health calendar looking for a way to take all the breast health information I was acquiring and give it legs.

Devon, a talented writer, editor and story teller, closer to my end of the age spectrum than Kevin's, joined in the breast health quest next. He was already polishing the prose in the calendar, thanks to a chance meeting over some breast politics. Then he joined the team here at The Breast Site, and helped to further The Breast Site's reach.

The Breast Blog is our latest extension into the world. Kevin and Devon behind the scene, (along with several other new employees) keeping the spammers at bay and the machine well oiled. Me, trying to articulate my take on breast health, breast cancer and the state of this crazy world from my little perch.

I'm amused by this unlikely team that I am a member of. If you could track all the twist and turns that each of our lives have taken so far and draw the map that lead us to work together, there is nothing to do but shake your head and wonder at life's plan. And yet here we are, working on The Breast Site together.

Kevin's excitement about his February birthday in NYC, Devon's interest in experiencing 'The Gates', and the fact that I'm wearing saffron from head to toe as I type this entry and thinking about the boys in NYC are but a few of the lines of human nature that link us.

Happy Birthday Kevin. May your life be filled with giant saffron Gates.

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