The Breast Blog: Bell Sympatico Ad Gets Front Page

The Guelph Mercury's lead story in today's newspaper is about the poorly conceived ad titled: 'Protect Your Family' by Bell Sympatico. Further, the managing editor Pat Young included her two cents worth in her column. Then to top it all off, the day's editorial takes a good whack at the ad.

I called Tamara Wattley Wisdom at the Bell Executive office to make sure she knew about the coverage. You see, in one of the Merc. stories, Bell told the reporter there had been no complaints. How very strange, given the number of calls and letters I've been told have been sent in. Perhaps Bell isn't as connected as we might think.

Tamara's number again, should you want to have a chat is 1 888 428-8603.

I guess the next step is canceling your Bell Sympatico service. Nothing in this day and age speaks louder than the sound of money walking out the door. And since Bell seems to be taking their time pulling this ad and in fact Bell employees are telling some callers, the ad was meant to be funny...ha ha....I'm not laughing.....then a little monetary squeeze may do the trick.

Protect your family against a company that is too thick to understand what protection really is.

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