The Breast Blog: Hunter S. Thompson

Gonzo journalism's king took his own life on February 20th.

I had never read a word that Hunter S. Thompson wrote, nor had I ever met the man. But one of my calendar models often found herself in Hunters employment, helping with the logistics of getting one of his magazine rants off to press. I'd hear the occasional story. So I guess you'd call that one degree of separation between me and Hunter.

Last spring, I got a call from Colorado asking me to send a couple of copies of the Breast of Canada calendar down for Hunter and his gang. Considering that I've sent copies to Woody Harrelson, Paul McCartney, Oprah, Sarah McLaughlin, Bare Naked Ladies, Jan Arden and our countries Prime Minister and Governor General, firing off a couple to Woody Creek was another casting of seeds. Yah never know who's going to dig your art. And it's very cool when someone wants to have a look.

Apparently Hunter lived hard. And from the reports, he died just as hard. I trust that his wife, son and friends will eventually find peace with his passing.

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