The Breast Blog: The Female Body Heats Up

Last week I followed up on the complaint that I had made regarding a Bell Sympatico ad that had come in my paper.

I spoke with Tamara (Bell executive)and she said that they were not going to pull the ad or stop the campaign. I asked her if she had received any other complaints. She said that besides mine and my grade five teacher friend Katie's, about five complaints had come in. I asked Tamara how many complaints it would take to have the ad pulled? She wouldn't speculate. I asked her what her opinion of the ad was. She claimed not to have one. So I said I'd see what I could do to up the number of complaints to the tipping point.

Looks like the tipping point may be just around the corner.

Today I heard from Katie. Katie showed the ad to her union rep who then contacted the Status of Women committee chairperson and brought the ad to her attention. The chairperson was appalled and will add more push to this rolling ball of dissent.

The committee have decided on a four step action plan that includes engaging Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) provincial's officers that deal with Women's Issues to directly contact Bell. Then they will alert StatusNet about the ad which serve is all the Status of Women chairs throughout the province. Then they plan to inform the federal reps at their upcoming Winter Meeting and have Reps encourage members to complain to Bell too. And finally, after the Winter Meeting, they will put the information on WaterWorks in the ETFO Conference and encourage members to complain to Bell.

How very interesting and empowering. I see the scale tipping.

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