The Breast Blog: Dead Bra Day Party in Jordan Ferry, Nova Scotia

I just never know when folks will take me up on my suggestions. So imagine my delight when an email arrived yesterday, featuring the results of a Dead Bra Day Celebration in Canada's bonny east coast province of Nova Scotia. Apparently ten gals gathered, with multiple dead bras in hand, and hoisted them up Linda Goodick's flag pole, just under her beautiful Canadian Flag. (Historical note for proud Canuck' is National Flag Day of Canada . Our sexy red leaf clad gal turns 40!!! Lordy lordy.)

One photo shows a lengthy tail of boulder holders, flapping gaily in the brisk Atlantic, off shore breeze. I could hear the proud tooting of a trumpet and the wail of bag pipes even though none were reported.

What was reported by Christine VonMaydell, winner of the 2005 Most Dead Bra Award, was the following titillating account of the day's celebration.

"We had a wonderful Dead Bra get together and strung about 30 of them up the flag pole down at Linda's.  I got first prize for the 'most dead' bra.... stretched, stained, and stapled (not really, just safety pins). We toasted the various dead synthetics with an ice-wine/brandy combination.... and of course some warm chocolate goodies....perfect for the cool February afternoon. Had many, many belly laughs."

February 13, 2006 is just around the corner girlfriends. Dig out yer dead bras, bring out yer dead bras, string out yer dead bras.

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