The Breast Blog: Valentine's Day Suggestion

Today is the contrived, consumer driven day designated so that you can prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your love for your significant other is deeper, truer and more enduring than all other loves.

Good luck with that.

I'm trying something different. Instead of focusing my loving feelings toward someone else, I'm going to direct my appreciate towards myself. I will give myself a hug for eating well every day. I will pat myself on the back for sticking with my daily exercise routine of walking and my evening yoga practice. I will smile at myself in the mirror as thanks for the rest and quiet I give my body and mind. I will take pride in my growing ability to say "no thank you" to many of the requests I get for my time and energy and be delighted with how much energy I now direct into my own passions and projects. I will notice and acknowledge my slower pace and greater attention to the details of my world. I will breath deeply and with greater satisfaction, knowing that by taking good care of myself, I am giving a gift to everyone that knows and loves me.

Your friends and loved ones wish you good health and happiness. They cannot give you either. It's entirely up to you to create that for yourself.

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