The Breast Blog: The Bozone Layer

Yesterday, my BLOGS server took a nose dive and stayed down all day. I wrote anyway. Simply couldn't post until now. So here you go.

A couple of weeks ago, our city announced their proposed 2005 Municipal Budget. They are an unfortunately short sighted bunch who seem to dislike anything creative, even though creative is one of the main features of what puts Guelph on the map. The budget cuts reflect their attitudes. Which fueled the following letter to our city press from me. It's not exactly about breasts. But certainly my rant speaks about what I believe constitutes a healthy community. I don't want to live in a tread mill town for robots. And definately not one blanketed in The Bozone Layer

Dear Editor,

If the fine people of Guelph understand why this town possesses a "different feeling" from other communities, then the calls and letters should be pouring into our mayor's office over the recommended $175,000.00 cut to the $370,000.00 Community Services Grant budget.

Guelph is an internationally recognized, thriving cultural community that both cultivates world class talent and innovation and draws it to our doorstep. Our reputation as a pulsing creative centre is a major drawing card, used daily by our bureaucrats and politicians to entice industry, business, families, students and workers to Guelph. People want to live and work in a place with a soul and heart beat. And that is precisely what Guelph's culturally creative community gives our city.

So you'd think these same bureaucrats and politicians would understand the wisdom of investing in our cultural economy, an economy which in 1999 was estimated to be worth $2.24 trillion U.S. globally. (The Creative Economy, Penguin Press)

Evidently and shamefully our bean counters and leaders don't get that we are lucky to be living in an extraordinarily talented town. Instead, they propose a form of 'cultural cashstration' as a solution to a poorly managed and dated economic development and budgeting process.

Removing 47% of the money from a budget is not a cut. It is a gutting.

I've recently learned of the Bozone Layer. According to the Washington Post, Bozone is the substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating.

The Bozone Layer has clearly surrounded Guelph City Hall.

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