The Breast Blog: Photo Contest Dynamics

Choosing 20 photos from 150 photo contest submissions has been much easier than in previous years. I would like to claim that the quality of submissions has evolved. But to be even more honest, my vision of what type of images I'm looking for has become much clearer. I know what I do and don't want to publish in the Breast of Canada Calendar now. And my choices do not mean the photo that I'm not publishing is bad or not good enough. Mostly, it simply doesn't fit with my vision.

I want to publish images that I've never seen before. Like the six women on horseback with hats slung low, topfree, out in the field. And not like the woman, legs splayed, pants undone, with a steamy, come hither look. Seen that one a million times. Surely women are capable of projecting themselves more diversely than just plain sexual. Surely we see ourselves as more multi-faceted.

Here's what I noticed. Much depended on the sex of the photographer. A sexual tone simply did not exist with the models and a female photographer. Playful yes. Down right funny for sure. Even silly and girlish. Bold, brave and brash, absolutely. But rarely did I notice the erotica come through. That does not mean that the erotica does not exist for these women. It simply wasn't called for this time. We're looking for something different at Breast of Canada. We are all very familiar with erotica and pornography. Instead, we want to expand peoples perspective of how women look by showing them just how many different body and breast types there are and how many different moods, situations and emotions we are capable of projecting.

Hear that creaking? Them theres' minds openin'. Thar's expansion goin' on and it's good for yer health.

When the photographer was Dad or Husband, the image also seemed less sexual and more warm and amusing. A different dynamic yet again.

Our breast health depends to a great degree on how we see ourselves and how we are willing to let others see us. The more honest we can be about who we are, the easier our lives will be. Living lies take great amounts of energy and tremendous memory. Living truthfully is living free.

Happy Chinese New Year. I'm a Rooster. Hear me cockadoodledooooooo.

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