The Breast Blog: Breast Ambassador Tip Number 4/ Your Beliefs

At first, this thought seemed totally whacked. But then something interesting happened. I let it sink in. And low and behold, I got one of those warm, knowing grins on my face that accompanies the muttering, "This is a different and easier way of looking at life".

Try this on.

Let's say the day you were born, your parents were given a manual about you. The manual outlined, in excruciating detail, every twist and turn your life was going to take. A detailed road map of the whole works. The good, bad and ugly. The bumps and scrapes, wins and awards, heartbreak, loves and losses. Exactly what you were suppose to do, exactly when you were suppose to do it. The GRAND PLAN of YOU.

As this book is being handed to your parents they also agree not to read a single word. Instead they are asked to hold the book in trust for you until a point in time. Some auspicious, Harry Potter type, owl delivery designated date that you will not know until the minute it arrives in your hand.

You go about living your life. And then, one day, for no apparent reason, it happens, and the book of your life is delivered in your lap. It's final page explains precisely where you are in that moment. And every preceding page is an exact description of the life you have already lived. Everything you've done. Every decision you've made. Every situation you've experienced described exactly as you experienced it.

Another words, without knowing the content of the GRAND PLAN of YOU, you actually followed right along. Every step. Every breath.

Blows the hell out the idea that you are wrong, not doing what you are suppose to be doing, making a mess of your life, lucky, unlucky, wasting time, smarter than everyone, stupider than everyone or constantly making mistakes. It's actually quite mind blowing how many beliefs you may have that have never been investigated for their truth. All of them become evident by simply playing with the idea that you are exactly where you are suppose to be.

Because there's your whole life to date, clearly mapped out in the GRAND PLAN of YOU. Written before you lived, how you lived.

So given this idea, let's say, the life path you are currently on, is your perfect life path. Gives a whole new meaning to personal responsibility wouldn't yah say? And begs the question, if this was true, what would you do differently?

My dad George was a scrapper. He and his nephew, my cousin Tommy, would often get into a big arguments about something inconsequential. One particular argument lasted for a couple year's and involved my dad accusing Tommy of stealing some Canadian Savings Bonds from a file in my dads room. Tommy denied the accusation vehemently, explaining that even though he was a thief, he did not steal from family nor would stealing Canada Savings Bonds be of any use to him due to the security of the Bond itself.

Dad didn't bother to further investigate his belief about Tommy and the missing bonds. Instead, the family incurred the constant negativity and divisiveness that followed.

I found the missing Bonds. I pulled out the draw all the way. They had fallen down the back of the cupboard where dad had put them two year's earlier.

Tip Number Four: Investigate your belief's for their truth. Unless you prefer to live with your own lies.

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