The Breast Blog: Dead Bra Day

Dead Bra Day is fast approaching. February 13th in fact. What, you may ask, is a Dead Bra? Well, I've discovered a funny, and universal female quirk; saving limp, yellowed, ripped, spent bras for potential wear during home renovations or some other filthy task. You laugh and yet, I challenge you to check your bra drawer and do a count. See. I had six of them hiding under my leotards.

So, my calendar making colleagues and I coined Dead Bra Day and published the date on the Breast of Canada calendar. If you choose to wear a bra, please don't wear one that has expired in the line of duty. Instead, use Dead Bra Day aka February 13 to end your dead bra hording ways. Go ahead and free yourself and your breasts from the torture of a worn out bra. Much better to create a neighbourhood bra line. Give support to your favourite fence. Or make a funky art installation. Whatever you do, have fun, be brave and take a picture then send it to us.

For the 2006 calendar, we want to add No Bra Day. Any date suggestions from you Bloggetts??

Posted by Jean W. on March 16,2007 at 12:42 AM
I'm a Corporate Fit Specialist for a major department store, and if women knew the damage they were doing to their breast tissue, they would be a little more aware of the state of their bras than they are!  Those that think their breasts can't really stretch down to their waists better think twice!  I've fitted them and there is nothing sadder than a woman who once had beautiful breasts that are now long stretched out skin with a bag of jello like tissue hanging at the end.  I've seen damaged backs, shoulders that bleed, and ladies with cronic back and neck pain.  Go somewhere where there is a  real certified fitter to be measured.  I've had ladies come to me swearing there is no such thing as a comfortable bra leave with a big smile and 5 to 6 bras!!
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