The Breast Blog: Asking a Favour of YOU.

It is my birthday week. For about a dozen days, loosing arranged on either side of the actual date that I thrust my wee head out of my 45 year old mother's body, I engage in a type of personal celebration for myself and appreciation for my mother, Edna and my same aged father, George.

You see, up until mom was seven months pregnant with moi, I was thought to be the first stage of menopause.

Imagine the surprise! Dr. Talbot, sitting across from my parents, in his dark office, lowers his bifocals and announces, "Edna, George, baby number 5 is coming down the pipe."

And to add more weight to the situation, my due date was in early February. My parents lived in a cottage, in Northern Ontario on a dead end road about 20 miles from the nearest hospital. Very snowy. Very dramatic weather thanks to the Great Lakes. According to a front page story in the Toronto Telegram, the days surrounding my birth in 1958, were the worst weather on record. And, apparently, I wanted out in the middle of the night. How very pleased my parents must have been with my timing and their mid-life situation. Or not.

For the last dozen years, since I've more fully allowed myself to comprehend their situation and mine for that matter, I've felt a week of celebration is the least I can do to honour George, Edna and me.

So here I am, a few days in to the festivities and all is going quite well. Lots of surprised, both provided by myself, yes I am capable of surprising little older me, and my friends...who love birthday week by the way....less pressure to remember the details, more time to get involved in the fun.

A pineapple and bowl of macadamia nuts were waiting on my front porch on Friday compliments of friend Katie, another February babe. Yesterday my pal Ian, a January boy, arrived with champagne and both ribeye and strip loin steaks for the BBQ which he cooked and served with chef standards. What more could a girl ask for??

There's been theatre tickets, glorious walks, homemade cookies, massages, new Maui Jim sunglasses.....fabulous conversations too....stimulating beyond belief. I'm so bloody lucky.

Which brings me to the favour. On my best Blog day, there are around 300 of you reading my take on breasts and various oddities. I'd love to see that readership reach 1,000. So I was wondering if you, yes you my wonderful blog readers, would be willing to share my link with a friend or 3 of 4. I promise to write every day. I also promise to keep it real. And I will happily credit you, my readers with any growth that I see. Could be a very cool way to grow a Blog, not to mention a nice addition to Birthday Week.

My mentor Jim thinks I should shoot for a readership of 10,000. His confident comment made me gulp when he said it. Jim is a very successful entrepreneur who works on a grand global scale. He helps me think much bigger for myself than I normally would. I will often look at my feet. Jim lifts my chin to see the horizon.

So step one in achieving a Blog Growth Spurt ...1,000 readers......a community of your friends......a groovy kinda thang.... Will you help me with that dear readers? Pretty please. I'll save you some cake.

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