The Breast Blog: Tit Talk

The University of Guelph presented The Vagina Monologues last night so Tannis and I attended. I've read reviews and even the book, but had somehow managed to miss the actual production. Given I spend my days working with two other taboo female body parts, I was curious to say the least.

And, I was impressed. I hoped the large audience of predominantly young 20's women and men left with a bigger picture. Yes vagina's can be funny. And sexy. And terrorized. Brutalized in fact. Violence toward/against women rages on. No doubt we will see a spike in domestic violence this weekend thanks to the testosterone laden, booze soaked, brute sport of football. The boys get fired up. And their women are within range. In 2005 no less. Shameful.

Back to TVM. So, what would a stage presentation on breasts looks like. Actually, there is a Canadian one already. The Strong Breast Revolution. Written and performed by a group of Guelph women. I presented an eight show run in 2003 as part of my 2004 Breast of Canada calendar launch. Brilliantly written and performed topfree by four students. We put 800 bums in the seats to rave reviews.

And in case you're wondering what's going on with breasts and the city of Guelph, let's just say there is something in the water. We're a breast friendly town. In fact, thanks to another Guelph student from a dozen year's ago, Guelph is officially the birthplace of Top Free Ontario. Gwen Jacob walked home from school one blistering hot summer day in 1991, sans shirt and got arrested. It took awhile (1996) but eventually the charge of indecency was overturned.

I can't help but think about my 60 year old, heavy set, hairy, former neighbour who cut his lawn without a shirt on. Apparently there is nothing indecent about that display.

Ah yes, the male/female hypocrisy.

Here's an idea. There's room for more than one production about 'the twin girls'. So let's just say this Blog's readers breasts could babble. What would your tits talk about? Would your boobs blubber? Or would your mammaries mutter? Offer up your breast's boastings with the newly working feedback link below. Together we can write our own production.

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