The Breast Site: Final Day of the Photo Contest

I can't help but notice that when I use the words breast and photo in my blog post titles, readership spikes. Makes me wonder if I'm appealing to a large group of fine art, nude photographers. Or not.

Submissions for my 2006 Breast of Canada calendar photo contest streamed in by both snail and email over the last few weeks. Yesterday's emails with photo attachments almost had my old iMac sweating. Yet she managed to keep up. In total, I have close to 150 submissions to choose from.

Here's a selection of some of the comments. Anne said, "We had a blast doing these and who knows perhaps we will see one in the calendar!!"

Lauren reported, "It was so great to meet you last year and to be involved with the calendar. I've rounded up some more models this year and we had a great time with the"fun" theme."

According to Lianne, "We had a lot of fun taking these images! Thanks for the opportunity!"

Maria agreed and stated, "We had a lot of fun playing around with things!"

Seems FUN was had by all. And you can certainly tell. The photos are a terrific example of women having a fabulous time with their breasts in a non-sexual context. And no doubt, these same women have increased their comfort level with their breast thereby improving their own breast health. I anoint them all Breast Health Ambassadors.

You'll have to buy a 2006 Breast of Canada calendar to see what I'm talking about.

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