The Breast Blog: Bubba Time

My soon to be two year old friend Ewan loves his bubba. Bubba is Ewan's word for his mom Emma's breast and his favourite thing, breast feeding. Hockey ranks pretty high in his young world too. But, when push came to shove last night and as it often does in hockey, it was a bubba drink that saved the day.

Ewan is very sincere when it comes to bubba time. I watched as he crawled up on Emma's knee to negotiate a little boob time, even though we adults were enjoying some fine wine and quality conversation. Since the hour was nearing Ewan's bedtime, Emma gently told him that if he wanted bubba, Ewan would have to say good night to everyone, get his pj's on and go to bed.

He slowly surveyed the room and rested his gaze on each us. Ewan was weighing his options. Stay up longer without bubba. Go to bed now with bubba. Then he slipped off his mom's knee, hugged and kissed each of us, starting with his dad and headed upstairs.

One should never under estimate the power of Bubba Time. It can heal the pain of combat and motivate (young) men to quietly cooperate.

On that note, my mind wanders. Instead of opening more Coffee Time outlets, can you imagine a chain of Bubba Times? Could be an interesting way of reducing the pain and violence in the world.

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