The Breast Blog: Aruba Breasts

It is very Aruba like in Guelph today. Except for the wind. There is no wind. And according to my friend Jim, Aruba is one windy island. Something to do with being skinny. The island that is, not Jim. Jim is slim, not skinny.

Year's ago I went to a cottage in northern Ontario with my galfriends Katie and Christine and dogs Tully and Stew. It was like Aruba then too. In fact, that is where the Aruba thing started. We dragged a picnic table onto the snow covered, frozen lake, popped a bottle of wine, cranked on a CD and proceeded to do some serious sun worshipping. That's the Aruba part. Even though the temperature hovered around minus 2 C /30F the sun was warm and bright. With no wind, it was darn near balmy. Or Aruba-like as we decided was the case.

Coats, scarves, sweaters, undershirts, bras and mitts all made their way to a pile on the table. Being topfree outside in Ontario, in March is a liberating experience ....especially surrounded by drifts of shimmering white snow. Additionally, it was a hilarious experience when the pack of snowmobilers raced by our lake perch. I doubt very much if the guys expected to come across three beautiful, bare breasted women in the wilderness.

But such can be the Canadian experience. Breast of Canada is more than a beautiful calendar. It's an attitude. Just like Aruba. Please feel free to join the club.

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