The Breast Blog: Yesterday's Photo Shoot

My Breast of Canada Calendar (BoC) models are always punctual. And either very chatty or shy. I suspect that these women were acutely aware of the moment of their shoot since my first contact with them in the fall.

All 7 (we lost one model due to a southern vacation) have had breast cancer or have tested positive for the BrCa 1 and BrCa 2 gene. The youngest model was 27. The oldest model, now 57, had her first breast cancer when she was 22 and a young mom. The will be my Ms. October's 2006, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

While we were waiting for the African Dance class to clear out of the studio the subject of where to hang the calendar came up. One women, Bev reported with shocked drama, that a friend of hers put her copy of BoC up in her kitchen. Before anyone could add value and judgment to that news, I piped up with, "that's the best place for it. High traffic. Since it's an educational tool, you would want to educate as many people as possible and the kitchen is an excellent venue."

Undaunted, Bev continued. "But she has a 14 year old son. He'll be standing in the kitchen for a year."

"That's even better", I added. "Fourteen year old boys need to learn about normal women's bodies too. Otherwise, they'll only have porn to look at and there's nothing natural about that. Perhaps he'll learn some respect and appreciation for women from the calendar that he would not otherwise encounter."

Bev's learning curve may be quite steep. Here attitudes will no doubt find themselves on the examination table undergoing some deep probing and reevaluation. It will be interesting to see how she evolves.

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