The Breast Blog: How To Become Your Own Breast Health Ambassador: Chapter Three / Trying

Moving right along on the quest for health, happiness and a full length velvet cape, I'm happy to introduce the third Art Jam Guideline.

I Can.

Here's the skinny. First the difference between I Can , I Can't and I Won't .

When it comes to being your own Breast Health Ambassador, saying I Can will prove to be very valuable. The longer form of this powerful statement would be I can try. That's the very best you can do for yourself. Simply try your best to be your own Breast Health Ambassador.

Saying I Won't in situations where you don't want to do something is very honest and advisable if that is the case. But if you are an adult, and you find yourself regularly saying I Can't you're likely telling yourself a bit of a lie. And that lie contributes to a helpless, victim mentality. Which is not good for your health or happiness.

You can take more responsibility for your well being. You can take time to breath deeply. You can learn how to do a Breast Self Examination. You can look at your breasts and become more familiar with them every day of the month. You can say breast and nipple. You can get an annual medical checkup. You can get more physical activity. And you can ask questions like "Does your organization fund research into what causes breast cancer."

I can. You can.

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