The Breast Blog: Becoming Your Own Breast Health Ambassador Will Make You Happier

I was a panelist for a Women in Leadership Conference at the University of Guelph today. I was asked to share some of my thoughts on being a leader. I had 7 minutes.

In the course of offering up two thoughts, the first one being that you must show up to be a leader and the second being it takes courage to show up , I mentioned that I have no problem getting out of bed in the morning because I love every aspect of my work and life. Even the ugly, scary bits. This seemed to strike a cord with the young women in the audience. At the conclusion of the panel discussion, four of them gathered around me.

Three of the four admitted that they hated their lives and that they find it very hard to get up in the morning and to be kind to themselves. One started to cry. They were not doing what they loved. And what they were doing, they were doing to please someone else.

Bright and lovely young women in University feeling stuck, hating their lives seems so sad to me. And it seems like a strong statement, clearly announcing, that something is very off kilter in our world.

My final thought for them was to be kind to themselves. And that's exactly what being a Breast Health Ambassador is all about. Be kind to yourself and your body and you will feel much, much happier.

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