The Breast Blog: More Reason's Why Becoming Your Own Breast Health Ambassador Is A Wise Idea: Vioxx

Vioxx, the arthritis and pain medication pulled off the shelf in September 2004 may have killed more than 40,000 people, according to a story in the Globe and Mail today.

No doubt those 40,000 people thought they were taking safe medicine. We all think we are taking safe medicine for our aches, pain and illness. But if you read the story further you will learn that " the whistle blower scientist" (thank god for him or the number of dead would be much higher) claims that he was discouraged "from presenting his findings to a FDA drug safety meeting last summer."

Discouraged because.....?????

It's just one more reason why it's a wise idea to be your own Breast Health Ambassador. BIG BROTHER may have other things motivating his behaviour besides your good health. Best to keep an eye on him.

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