The Breast Blog: How to Become a Breast Health Ambassador - Chapter Two / Walking

My friend Dave runs marathons. During university, I shared a rambling farm house with him and a half dozen other students. Every morning, Dave would get up at dawns crack, put on his running gear and head out for his several km./mile run. I was duly impressed and wanted to be as fit and disciplined as Dave.

So I started to run too. It didn't take me long to get shin splints...painful and nasty. But I persisted. Dave would return invigorated from his trek. I would be red, puffy and limping. Dave had a long graceful stride. I clomped along like a lame horse. After a month of effort, my mood towards the run changed from anticipation to loathing. Since we shared the house, Dave noticed. And asked, " How's running going for you." To which I growled, "Great".

Then I started to resent Dave for liking running. Finally, after one particular grueling effort on my part and a snarky comment lobed by me at Dave, he said, "Sue, maybe you're a walker, not a runner. Walking is good too you know." Which of course I didn't. But that was enough proof for me. I officially took up walking.

As an aspiring Breast Health Ambassador, you will want to be aware of your daily exercise routine. Increased physical exercise is one way you can reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Walking is an excellent choice or addition to your activity list for several reasons. It is free. It can be done just about anywhere. It requires no special gear outside comfortable shoes. And the nature of walking will greatly assist you in being in the present moment. So there you go. Two birds fed with one seed. Three actually. You can work on your breathing at the same time.

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