The Breast Blog: How To Become a Breast Health Ambassador - Chapter Two / In The Moment

Moving right along on the life altering journey of becoming the very best Breast Health Ambassador in your empire, we come to the second Art Jam Guideline.

Be Here Now.

Another words, stopping fretting about what you didn't do yesterday, give up crying over what you did do but now deeply regret, stop worrying about what might happen tomorrow and become completely present in this moment right now.

Easier said than done for sure. And, the more you work towards this the better your life will go. There's little sense in waiting to win the lottery. You've already won the best prize. You're alive. Now live.

Besides, if you are not paying attention to what is going on right now then who is? Right now you have choice. Yesterday's choices have passed and tomorrows have yet to arrive. Right now you can make decisions about what you want to do next based on what is happening in this moment. It's always wise to learn from past mistakes but not particularly useful to relive them over and over and over again.

One of the best ways to be here right now is to listen. It was pointed out to me year's ago by an old sailor turned baker named Roy, that we have two ears and only one mouth. His point was that we should be listening twice as much as yakking.

Ideally, we are not just listening to other people. We need to shut up our own incessant chatter and listen to our own hearts, guts and souls. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us. And our busy little mind and ego, like a couple of out of control two year old's, don't want to be restricted by our wise and reliable women's intuition. So we ignore ourselves. Then we bitch about not being listened to. But I wonder how we can expect someone else to listen to us if we won't listen to ourselves?

Try this. Start listening to yourself for five minutes a day. See if you can focus your attention on the simple task of breathing. Simply notice your breath going in and going out without making lists, planning your day, thinking about something you said, wondering what you are going to do tonight, this weekend, in the summer, for the rest of your life. For just five minutes, put all your attention into watching your breath.

For five minutes a day, be here now. Notice what you notice.

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