The Breast Blog: How to Become a Breast Health Ambassador - Sunday Edition / Perfect Moment

Alan Clements , author of Instinct for Freedom gave me fuel for thought last night with this passage. " Life is a moment-to-moment process of decisions. And the thin line between right and wrong choices -- between the life I'm leading and the life I could be leading -- is often a hair's breadth of difference."

I must be making some good, moment by moment decisions. The life I'm leading rocks.

Yesterday, my friend Tannis and I walked through a beautiful snow covered forest, filled with cheerful, chirping chickadees. The sky seemed both robin egg blue and mauve. Bright sunshine inspired shadows to lace a pattern on the drifts. After a couple of hours of creative chat, wandering through this stunning natural landscape, we headed back into town and grabbed a shrimp and garlic pizza from a small mom and pop pizzeria near my house.

When we got to my place, I got a healthy fire going in the fireplace, lit some beeswax candles, poured a couple frothy mugs of root beer and tucked into dinner. Bolero played majestically in the background.

Post din-din, Tannis grabbed her guitar, which she keeps at my place for such occasions and worked through the set she's performing January 22 at Guelph's Tsunami Relief Benefit in our lovely River Run Centre. Her voice spun through my living room like an angel on figure skates. I simply lay on my couch, watching the fire and listening to my private concert. There was no way to quantify the quality of the experience. We simply figured, at that moment, we were two of the luckiest women in the world.

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