The Breast Blog: How to Become a Breast Health Ambassador - Weekend Notes /Opinions

I'll launch into the second Art Jam Guideline (How to Become a Breast Health Ambassador) next week. For today, I'll comment on a letter that came into this sites Mailbag a couple days ago.. It will be posted in the near furture.

A woman named Jessica blew her stack at me about a natural breast reduction query (#15) I received and responded to. This is Jessica's letter:

"I had just read your reply to this women's response and was amazed that for someone running a breast related site, that you would be so ignorant about the subject. The fact that you call it cosmetic surgery, like its pure vanity the leads a woman to have a her breasts chiseled away at, like some art project shows your ignorance. I do not know an insurance company that doesn't give aid when it is presented to them that the patient is in pain due to oversized breasts. I feel bad for the woman who wrote to you. I hope she did more research and did not just take your obvious "opinion" for anything more then it is, an opinion. You must obviously have small breasts and have no idea about what this woman is even going though. Before you give out advice on a subject you know nothing about, do feel free to use the internet and look it up before you pull a reply out of your ass again."

Breast Site Sue again. Jessica raises an interesting point about opinions. Everyone has an opinion or two or three hundred. Jessica's opinion seems to suggest that I'm ignorant, have small breasts and pull my responses to letters out of my ass. My corresponding opinion might be that I'm learning about the very complex world of breasts, have medium sized boobs and pull my answers to letters from my current knowledge base with the best of intentions to further breast health education. Who's right? Or does right and wrong even come into it?

More interesting to me is, why anyone would assume that my comments are anything but opinions. And, I can't imagine who could claim that they 'know all the facts' about anything let alone breasts. Hopefully, people looking for advice seek a full range of perspective before they decide which course to take. We all have our take on things, doctors included. To be wise, I always filter other peoples opinions and ideas about what I should do through my own system of common sense and gut feelings. Many people suggest, 'get a second opinion'. Personally, I would up that number significantly.

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