The Breast Blog: How to Become a Breast Health Ambassador - Chapter One / More

I must apologize. I am guilty of putting the cart before the horse. Blogging requires my bouncy mind to be lateral. I'm used to talking in big loopy circles that do come round and join up eventually but not immediately. My world is too broad. There's just no going from A to B. And I never know where to begin. Everything seems like the middle to me.

So I will attempt to add another beginning to the honourable adventure of becoming a Breast Health Ambassador.

The reason guidelines were established for Art Jam was to solve the one problem we all (the artists involved) knew would sink us. Fear of being creative. Or even more succinctly, fear. You and me and everyone I know is afraid of a million, billion different things and feelings. Creativity being only one. So since our entire purpose was to expose people to something that we knew they feared, we needed to create a safe environment for our workshop participants. Otherwise, there was no point in going forward. No one would show up. And if they did, they'd hate us for scaring them.

Women are afraid of breast cancer. (And no doubt men are afraid too. ) This fear contributes a million fold to the growing epidemic of breast cancer in the world.

The reaction many women claim they experience when it comes to the fear they feel around their breast health is denial, procrastination or non-action. By becoming a Breast Health Ambassador, you will not eliminate the fear you feel. However, you will change your reaction to that fear.

You will take on a positive, life affirming, self responsible posture. You will quest for knowledge. You will ask questions. You will question answers that don't make sense. And you will take better care of yourself. You will speak up. You may even speak out.

I'm reading Instinct for Freedom by Alan Clements. He's an American who spent 20 year's in Burma as a Buddhist Monk, meditating for 20 hours every day. Imagine that. Anyway, last night I came to this passage. " Courage is threefold: The courage to see. The courage to feel. And the courage to act." Later in the chapter Alan includes the words of 1991 Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. She counsels, "learn to act despite the fear."

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