The Breast Blog: How To Become a Breast Health Ambassador - Chapter One / Still

People write entire books on courage so this chapter could go on for a while. But, I will restrain myself. Because less is more. More or less.

So, to locate your own personal supply of courage you will need to look inside yourself. You can't buy real courage. Nor can you get it from anyone else. Others can only inspire you to find your own.

Yelling like Tarzan will help. I find muttering is good too. "Be brave, you can do it, it's okay, breath, slow but sure"....all said slightly under your breath provides encouragement that may move you forward. Yes, you may appear odd. Breast Health Ambassadors are unique, powerful, amazing people who are a bit odd compared to the masses. It's all part of the new territory you are exploring. You are on an important quest to improve your well being.

Here's a challenge. Intentionally think something positive about your breasts every day this week. Notice how that feels.

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